Tuesday, March 20th 2018

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I should have paid more attention in French class

A big thanks to Marie-Julie Gagnon over at http://www.EnTransit.ca/ who contacted me and asked if she could write an article about YULdeals.com on her blog.

Marie-Julie is a well known freelance journalist / columnist / reporter in the world of travel with over 6,000 Twitter followers. She interviewed me in English, but the interview itself is posted in French, which means I'm at the mercy of my mediocre Francais to figure out what she wrote.

Here's the article in French:


And here's the article, as automatically translated to English by 'Google Translate'


The translation technology works pretty well for the most part, although it does make me sound a bit odd in parts, and completely changes the meaning in others, but it's definitely readable. I'm sure in the original French it's all good.

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One Response to "I should have paid more attention in French class"

  1. Melissa on April 20th, 2011

    Love it!

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