Monday, May 27th 2024

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Disneyland California or Disneyworld Florida - 20% discount for Canadians

Disneyland California

Offer details

Disneyland California is having another one of their '20% discount' sales for Canadian residents.

- Tickets may be purchased online or over the phone from now through Feb 16, 2020 for usage through Dec 31, 2020.

- Offer is also valid on Park Hopper Tickets, and each ticket allows one Magic Morning early admission.

How to find and book this deal

1. Go to the Disneyland California website

screenshot from the Disneyland California website

There's also a 20% discount for Canadians on Disney World Florida tickets (4 days or longer)

Tickets may be purchased online or over the phone between now and Feb 7, 2020 for usage through Dec 31, 2020.

1. Go to the Disneyworld Florida website

screenshot from the Disney World Florida website

Disneyland California - 25% discount for Canadians | and 15% off Disney World Florida

Disneyland California

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Want a Unique Getaway from Vancouver that's Not Mexico?


Human 02580


Can anyone suggest an inexpensive sunny getaway from Vancouver that's not Mexico? (We lived there for 7yrs so wanting something different).
Depart date 24th, Return date 26/27th
It's for a surprise birthday trip (so if u know me don't message my husband!!!
) Thanks in advance

Humans say...

Human 00367


San Diego. If you leave from Bellingham via allegiant it’s relatively inexpensive

Human 02580


If I was there for 1 day, what would I HAVE to see/do?

Human 08842


Pamela ride the big red bus - it takes you to all the “sights” you can hop on and hop off - lots of fun. ...

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